22 juin 2009


Aujourd'hui je poste sur mon blog !

22 avr. 2008

"Ed Gein" Colourama panavision

This page, drawn by Alessandro Nespolino and wrote by Olivier Dobremel for Soleil Prod, was originally made to explain an idea to the scenarist about a colour trick ;
To sustain the flashback of the 50's period with an old black and white movie rendering .

A color work on "Cendreterre", just for fun, seat, and relax .

Drawn by Redec, Wrote by Henscher, Colorized by myself .
I hope they will find a publisher .

15 avr. 2008

Two unfinished pages from " The Roots of Evil ", aborted personal project

"The Roots of Evil" is a small story that I wrote a few years ago, but the technical used in this pages did not correspond with the theme , which is much darker, so I aborted the production .
I'll probably make it, one day, when I'll got some more times, but with pencils and black inks tools.

Two other pages from COPS t.1

I'll check with my crew when i can put some more from the second volume . :)

21 oct. 2007

Hoolie Daïyz

Ch'uis en vacance,
Le ciel est jaune, le soleil chante, les oiseaux brillent,
tout ça tout ça ...
It's Holidays,
The sky is yellow, the sun is singing, the birds are shining,
bla bla bla

17 oct. 2007

.:La théorie d'Alice:.

Un petit carnet d'"Alice au pays des merveilles" .
A little sketchbook of concept arts for " Alice in Wonderland " .

26 sept. 2007

" SmokeDog "

" Here's the way how a gentledog quiet smoke "Extrait d'une vidéo .
Le framerate a pas trop apprécié la conversion en GIF animé ,
Mais ça donne un genre avec de la musique rapide .
Shot from a video i made few years later .
The frame rate was kicked out by the *gif,
but it still works fine with rapid music like drum'n'bass .