22 avr. 2008

"Ed Gein" Colourama panavision

This page, drawn by Alessandro Nespolino and wrote by Olivier Dobremel for Soleil Prod, was originally made to explain an idea to the scenarist about a colour trick ;
To sustain the flashback of the 50's period with an old black and white movie rendering .

A color work on "Cendreterre", just for fun, seat, and relax .

Drawn by Redec, Wrote by Henscher, Colorized by myself .
I hope they will find a publisher .

15 avr. 2008

Two unfinished pages from " The Roots of Evil ", aborted personal project

"The Roots of Evil" is a small story that I wrote a few years ago, but the technical used in this pages did not correspond with the theme , which is much darker, so I aborted the production .
I'll probably make it, one day, when I'll got some more times, but with pencils and black inks tools.

Two other pages from COPS t.1

I'll check with my crew when i can put some more from the second volume . :)